Floyd Mayweather's ex-fiancée Shantel Jackson claims he held her at gunpoint

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Last year, Forbes declared that Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid athlete in the world, with earnings of $105 million. Now, it looks like the unbeaten boxer is going to have to use some of those earnings on a good legal team.

Thursday, September 4th, Mayweather’s former fiancée, Shantel Jackson, filed a lawsuit against him in Los Angeles County Court, claiming multiple assaults by the boxer in an 18-month span from 2012-14. Later that same afternoon, she tearfully appeared at a Los Angeles press conference with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred at her side.

According to the lawsuit, Jackson claims Mayweather first got violent with her back in 2012, after serving two months in jail for his attack on his former girlfriend, Josie Harris. She says the two were arguing when “He twisted [her] arm, choked her and forcibly took her phone away from her to look through it.”

Jackson claims Mayweather got violent again in April 2013, when during another argument he “bent her arm, restrained her, and pointed a gun at her foot, asking ‘Which toe do you want me to shoot?'”

In addition to the numerous counts of physical abuse, Jackson also claims Mayweather invaded her privacy when he posted photos of her sonogram on social media and alleged the “real” reason they broke up was because she “killed our twin babies.”

During the Los Angeles press conference, Allred declined to comment on whether Jackson ever got an abortion. However, she did confirm that her client was pregnant with twins last year and that her pregnancy was terminated in January.

No charges were initially filed against Mayweather after any of these alleged incidents. But now Jackson is suing him for assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment, and a number of other things.

These new legal woes have appeared just nine days before Mayweather returns to the ring Sept. 13 in Las Vegas in a rematch against Marcos Maidana.