Kanye West hospitalized in Australia

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Kanye West was hospitalized in Melbourne after experiencing a health scare, just hours before his scheduled concert.

The rapper apparently suffered from a very intense migraine and was rushed to Epworth Hospital, where he underwent an emergency MRI.

Nurses were forced to ask patients to clear the consulting and waiting rooms so that West could be treated privately.

Lorraine Terry was inside the hospital with her daughter, who was having an MRI, and retold the situation to Woman’s Day.

Shortly after her daughter’s procedure began, security arrived and began to clear the area. Terry said that everyone was moved out of the waiting and consulting rooms, except the doctors, nurses and her daughter, as they could not leave the area because her daughter’s MRI was not finished.

Once the area was cleared, West was brought inside the room. He had one side of his face covered and was surrounded by security.

Terry said the doctors were concerned the West had suffered or may suffer a seizure, thereby requesting an emergency MRI. She noted that everyone was “massively panicked” and nervous about ensuring the privacy of the area. At one point during her daughter’s MRI, one of the security men insisted that they had to go, although they were not even finished yet.

The exact cause of the rapper’s illness remains unknown, and despite that scare, he was released from the hospital a little after 4:30 PM. Kanye then kept his schedule for the night and performed on stage that night at the Rod Laver Arena.

No comment has been released about Kanye’s hospital stay or the exact details of his health scare, but his record label said that his shows in Australia — which are a part of the Yeezus tour — will continue as scheduled.