Clinton Portis sued by MGM Grand in Las Vegas

We all know ex-running back Clinton Portis managed to make some good money running the football for the Broncos and the Skins. His recorded net worth is at approximately $25 million.

At this point, Clinton Portis doesn’t look like he is struggling to make a living.

Vegas, baby

In spite of this, a Las Vegas report revealed Portis is being sued by MGM Grand. It’s alleged that he didn’t pay a considerable amount of debt to both the hotel and the casino departments of this business.

It all started late last week, when MGM Grand decided to file a lawsuit against Portis. They claim Portis visited their casino in January 2011 and got two “markers” that were worth more than $10,000 together. Moreover, MGM says that when they attempted to collect the payment from Portis for these markers, it was impossible to do so. Until now, the casino didn’t manage to recuperate the money for the markers. They said they repeatedly tried to do so, but Portis didn’t pay. Therefore, he is now getting sued for the initial $10,000 and another $1,000 that represents damages and the attorney’s fees.

Gentlemen, Take Your Markers…

For those who don’t know what markers are, they are “negotiable credit instruments” casinos use to allow high-level gambling patrons easy access to massive sums of money. Those who apply for a marker must prove financial worthiness. In other words, markers are casino loans that have short-term, interest-free character.

Dishonored and Unpaid

MGM Grand filed the suit on Friday, at the Clark County Court. The casino says the markers “were presented through normal banking channels for payment,” right on Portis’ bank account. However, when they were given back, they were “returned dishonored and unpaid.” The casino says it sent Portis a certified mail demand to pay, back in 2011, but the football player refused to answer the inquiry. Portis hasn’t yet responded to these accusations.

Clinton Portis played for the League for nine seasons. He played in college for the University of Miami. The Denver Broncos drafted him in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft. He was traded by the Broncos to Washington back in 2004. His career ended with 9,923 rushing yards and 11,941 yards in total offense. In 2003 and 2008, Portis earned trips to the Pro Bowl. After the 2010 season, he retired. He is one of the ex-NFL players who sued the league in 2013 over concussions, but he is best known for how well he performed for the Washington Redskins.