Lupita Nyong’o teaches Elmo about skin color on Sesame Street

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Lupita Nyong’o visited Sesame Street recently to have a quick conversation with Elmo about skin.

Wearing a color-block sleeveless dress, the actress taught Elmo about the variations and the wonders of people’s skin.

The 31-year-old Oscar winner talked about the skin and its purposes — how it protects the body, how it helps us touch and how it can feel ticklish.

Elmo says “Miss Lupita’s” skin has a beautiful brown color, and Lupita replies that it is the thing she loves most about skin — that it comes in plenty of beautiful shades and colors.

The furry red muppet muses about his red skin and tells Lupita that he loves the skin that he is in. Lupita answers that she loves her skin just as well.

Watch the quick and wonderful video about the diversity of skin above.

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