A simple country club wedding in the suburbs turned into a huge melee that required police forces from seven different departments to break up, reports the Buffalo News.

An eyewitness reported to the newspaper that hours after the religious ceremony, family members started to scream at each other, saying how much they hated each other. As if this was not enough, they also began to punch holes in the walls until blood was spilled on the dance floor. One Hell of a wedding!

“Things were said that can never be taken back,” a witness said to the newspaper.

The authorities couldn’t identify what made the family act like this. Lt. Patrick Fitzgerald of the Orchard Park Police Department said he had been called to a similar incident, at the Orchard Park Country Club — where all this happened.

A wedding guest was allegedly punched for groping a lady.

After the puncher was escorted out of the party, things continued normally for about another 45 minutes.

After this, a fight involving everyone at the wedding broke out. The officers who responded to “multiple 911 calls” came across a big group who was fighting in the parking lot. A local TV station estimates they were more than 100 persons involved in the incident.

Authorities required reinforcements, so they called for colleagues from four neighboring towns, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and the State Police. EMS staff took care of those who were injured. One of the men was treated for head trauma. Since the authorities couldn’t determine who was responsible for the entire incident, they didn’t make any arrests.

Just a couple of weeks back, a groom from Pittsburgh was taken to jail for hitting on a pregnant lady and trying to punch her boyfriend.