The iPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus

Ladies and gents, if your significant other is cautious about buying you two a matching pair of the new iPhone 6 or downloading the new iOS8, it may be over reasons you don’t suspect.

Over the weekend, I was invited over a friend’s house along with some of his buddies to catch some football. My friend, who was hosting the small gathering of six guys, was proud to reveal his latest toy, the 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6 Plus.

For anyone living under a rock, this past Friday, Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, their largest and latest successor in the ever-growing family of the iPhone series.  Ten million of these phones have already been sold.

Along with the new larger and sleeker iPhones, Apple released its latest mobile operating system — iOS8, a software update with new features and functionality for iPhones and iPads. This software comes preinstalled on the new phones, and owners of Apple’s older phones and tablets have the option to update to the latest version.

As our host passed around his new toy and proudly showed off some of its features, he was met with just as many grunts and nervous chin rubbings as approving ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs.’ What had some of these guys in dismay, you might ask?

While Apple’s new software and iPhone bundle is ambitious in its goal to become embedded in every aspect of our lifestyle, this convenience in the right or wrong hands can be turned into a spying tool, which is bad news for untruthful lovers and cheaters; who were apparently represented in my friend’s living room this weekend. Since I’m a one-woman kind of guy, I have no problems with iOS8, the new phones or relaying some of the anxiety these five new features will give men and women who have trouble with fidelity.

1.) Video and Photo Attachments Will Expose Your Image Sharing History

If you are dishonest about your interaction outside of your significant other, the new photo and video attachment feature is your worst nightmare. It’s easy to access by hitting the Details button while you have a text exchange opened. It’s a one-stop shop of every photo, gif, and video interaction you’ve had with a person since your first exchange that you haven’t specifically deleted. This includes photos and videos you may have sent years ago and completely forgotten about. In previous operating systems and phones, you would have had to tediously scroll up through the full length of your text message thread to unearth this content.

Note: this could also be troubling for people who are in a faithful relationship. If an old flame who pre-dates your current relationship hits you up, be sure to hit the Details button to delete anything your new love may find unsavory.

2.) The Continuity Feature Allows Your Calls & Text To Be Answered on Multiple Devices

Chances are, if you have an iPhone then you also have another Apple product such as a Mac computer or an iPad. The new Continuity feature allows you to answer your phone calls from your iPad or Mac even if you are not in the same room when your phone rings. For those who are a little less forthcoming with their honesty, heads up … this feature also displays the caller’s number, name and profile picture on all of your Apple devices during incoming calls. Why will cheaters find this scary?

Well imagine if they’re in one room and cannot hear their phone but their girlfriend or boyfriend is currently using their iPad or Mac. If the “other” woman or guy is giving them a ring or text, it can be answered on either that iPad or Mac, and we can all imagine what type of drama will ensue then.

3.) Sharing Your Location To Prove Where You Really Are

Your significant other no longer needs to ask the question, “Where are you”? If he or she has access to your phone, they will be able to enable the share location feature via messages and share your location with them indefinitely, tracking your every move.

With this feature, gone are the days when a liar will be able to convince his/her lover that they’re just over their friend’s house. Their girl or guy can also simply ask them to share their location. This feature is also located on the Details page that’s easily accessed through your text messages.

4.) Texting From Any App

Remember that annoying banner notification which previews your text message and other alerts? Well Apple just took things one step further, as the new iOS8 feature allows you to interact with banner messages and notifications without leaving the app that you are in.

So even when your phone is on the Netflix app, nothing prevents your girl or guy from  exchanging messages with whomever is trying to reach you without missing a moment of Orange Is The New Black.

5.) Bigger Phones Make It Easy To Pry

The final deterrent for cheaters has everything to do with Apple’s’ new iPhone design. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have an additional .7” and 1.5” of diagonal widescreen Retina HD display real estate. At least one of the guys at my friend’s gathering felt the downside to having a bigger screen is that his girl’s prying eyes will have a much easier time seeing who he is texting.

To be fair, anyone could have issues with the aforementioned features without trying to hide an affair.