Television host Sheryl Underwood
Television host Sheryl Underwood attends CW, CBS, And Showtime 2012 Summer TCA Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Talk show host and comedienne Sheryl Underwood revealed a secret on The Talk last week, spilling the beans about her experience with the Queens of Comedy actresses.

The Queens of Comedy was a spin-off film and sequel to the stand up comedy film The Original Kings of Comedy and follows four black female comedians in the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. The film starred Adele Givens, Laura Hayes, Mo’nique and Sommore.

During the show, Sheryl revealed that she was invited to be part of the successful Queens of Comedy tour to stand in for Mo’nique after she went on to do The Parkers. One incident led her to decline the role, however, and that was when she overheard the rest of the comediennes talk trash her on a conference call that she was also on.

According to Sheryl, she was invited to join a conference call to get details on the tour but was apparently a little to early to join the call. To her surprise, she joined in right at the very moment when the others were just talking about her, her appearance and her ability and even questioning why she was even considered to join their group. On top of all of this — the ladies had no idea that Sheryl was on the call. The incident left her so shocked, startled and hurt that she wasn’t able to do anything except to stay on the call and listen to what the rest of the ladies were saying.

While admittedly bruised, the 50-year-old claims that the incident did not break her but taught her to keep her head up and go ahead with other things. When she revealed her secret on the show, she said that the other ladies never really knew that she had listened to them talk trash her. Sheryl said that she has since moved on and holds no grudges but even saw the event as a blessing which brought her to where she is now.

Two of the three women have already responded to the issue.

Adele Givens simply tweeted:

Wow. The View Must Be Pulling Some really great ratings.

Laura Hayes, on the other hand, posted a photo on Instagram showing her wig on the floor. The photo then had the caption:

 Now I have take time out of my artistic hustle to respond to this bulls**t COMING SOON #gotmypressureup #aintnobodygottimeforthis #gotpeoplelookingatmesideways #youknowyougotbettersecretsthanthat #interuptingmyediting