Leroy Da'Von Gabriel
Leroy Da'Von Gabriel. The 19-year-old accidentally called a state trooper to arrange a heroin deal on Sept. 9, Indianapolis police said. (Hendricks County Sheriff's Office)

A man, identified as Leroy Da’Von Gabriel, was trying to set up a drug deal, dialed the wrong phone number and mistakenly called one of Indiana’s off-duty state troopers.

The officer said while off-duty, he got a call from a number he didn’t recognize. When he answered, the man at the other end asked him if he wanted a “boy,” which is slang for heroin.

The officer recognized the expression and answered, “always.”  The dealer replied by asking if he wants “two gs,” meaning “two grams.”

After the phone set up, the two decided to meet up in Indianapolis’ west side. The 19-year-old suspect gave him a description of the car he was going to drive to the location.

The officer took his state police vehicle to the meeting point. While walking with his colleague towards Gabriel’s car, they saw him hiding something in the car’s middle console.

A K-9 officer inspected the car and found drugs in the console. Gabriel, from Indianapolis, was arrested and charged with dealing cocaine and drug possession.