Newspapers apologize to NHL player for calling him ‘dark guy’

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The Vancouver newspapers who called Jordan Subban the “dark guy in the middle” have apologized to him.

The Vancouver Sun and The Province used the same caption for the photo taken Tuesday, which shows Subban at a pre-season matchup between the Canucks and the San Jose Sharks teams. The image shows Subban surrounded by a few of his teammates. This is what the caption reads:

“Vancouver Canucks celebrate goal by Jordan Subban (dark guy in the middle) against San Jose Sharks in NHL pre season game at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C., on September 23, 2014.”

Earlier in the day, Vancouver Sun digital deputy editor Gillian Burnett also explained on Twitter that the caption was written by a photographer and should not have been written or published.

Fans were irritated to see their idol being called the “dark guy in the middle.” They were the ones who reacted and called the papers out on social media just after the photo was published. This led to the photo’s removal.

The tweets posted by the newspapers on Wednesday morning apologized to Subban. The incident is being investigated, and the outlets claim “it will never happen again.”

Here are the tweets below:

Subban, in an interview with the Province, took the high road on the controversy:

I had a chance to talk to a representative from the paper and it seemed like a pretty honest mistake. Am I worried about it? No. If people should be talking about something, it should be the way I played last night rather than that. Hopefully, it will just die down It was just unfortunate. I don’t think there were any bad intentions. It is what it is and I’ve moved on and I’m sure everyone else will, too.