Lupe Fiasco believes Islam will conquer the world

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Lupe Fiasco got into a lively Twitter debate this afternoon over the nature of Islam and women’s equality in the context of the religion and eventually said he feels Islam will one day take over the world.

Perhaps the most interesting takeaways from the exchange happened when @Aubi_chon asked him whether or not he thinks Islam will someday “be the world’s religion and conquer the world.” His response was simply, “Yes.”

Lupe Fiasco has spoken on what he feels are the difficulties of being a Muslim rapper.

Since ISIS released another video of a beheading, impassioned debates are flaring up in the media about how the “true nature” of Islam is or is not aligned with intolerant beliefs. Bill Maher and Sam Harris had a heated discussion with Ben Affleck about an idea that liberal America embraces progressive ideals like women and minority equality, including homosexuals, but all too quickly dismisses criticism of the Islamic religion on these matters as racist. That exchange appears to have prompted Fiasco’s Twitter discussion. You can see the conversation here:

Lupe Fiasco was less clear and more politician-esque in his responses about the equal treatment (or lack thereof) of women under Islamic law.

Lupe doesn’t shy away from controversy. Last year during an inaugural themed show the rapper criticized President Obama and had to be escorted off stage. In 2011, he even drew the ire of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for referring to the president as the “biggest terrorist.”