Drake surpasses The Beatles with more top 100 singles

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The Grammy Award winning artist Drake has another accomplishment he can boast about. The rapper earned his 72nd appearance on Billboard’s Hot 100 with his song “Tuesday” coming in at number 90 on the list. He’s now surpassed The Beatles and become no. 8 on the list of artists with the greatest number of chart visits of all time.

Drake is now just one more chart-topper away from tying with Aretha Franklin and two away from breaking even with the legendary Ray Charles. This is an incredible feat, given that Drake’s career is the shortest of all the solo artists in the top 10.  However, his career would need to last a lot longer if he wants to surpass the “Glee” Cast, with 207 top 100 singles. The Huffington Post put together the list of 10 artist with the most Hot 100 entries.

1. “Glee” Cast – 207
2. Elvis Presley – 149
3. Lil Wayne – 122
4. James Brown – 91
5. Jay Z – 82
6. Ray Charles – 74
7. Aretha Franklin – 73
8. Drake – 72
9. The Beatles – 71
10. Elton John – 68

Take a listen to Drake’s latest top 100 single, “Tuesday.”