Will.i.am tweets angrily at United after airline gave away his seat

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Rapper and pop superstar will.i.am unleashed a furious series of tweets at United Airlines’ Twitter account after the company gave away his first class seat on a recent flight to China.

Although the flight left at 1:15, the rapper only arrived at the airport 45 minutes ahead of the schedule flight.

In the first of a series of tweets over a span of ten minutes on October 7, will.i.am wrote:

One of the following tweets stated:

United made no comment on the details of the 39-year old being bumped from the flight. Despite the mishap, the Black Eyed Peas’ frontman did successfully manage to find another flight to China, tweeting a picture of him on a plane with the caption, “I’m about to fly to china “finally” …”

This isn’t the first time that the musician has had a problem with United. Back in May, he also got upset at United because they removed him from an exclusive members-only lounge to which his ticket didn’t grant him access.

United did make an official statement after that incident, writing:

We invite only customers travelling in United Global First, customers with Global Services status traveling in United BusinessFirst, and customers traveling in first class on other Star Alliance carriers to visit our Global First Lounges. Since the customer did not meet these criteria, he did not have access to the lounge. We are reaching out to the customer and appreciate his business.