Pastor who admitted he had AIDS refuses to step down, gives Sunday sermon

The last place you would expect Juan McFarland to be on Sunday was at the pulpit.

But that’s exactly where the pastor was, despite recently admitting to church members he had AIDS and slept with church members without revealing his condition.

McFarland is still the pastor at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Sunday, McFarland delivered a sermon on “divine healing,” according to WSFA-TV, and confirmed to the station he would not be stepping down.

The video below was uploaded to Shiloh’s YouTube page back in March. The title of the sermon is “I Knew It Was The Blood.”

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The church hierarchy voted for McFarland to step down 80-2, following his AIDS  admission as well as other troubling actions such as drug use and mishandling church funds.

WSFA reports there were some 50 people in attendance on Sunday, many of whom were not expecting to see McFarland.

The station also reports that McFarland’s health is in visible decline. Longtime Shiloh church member and current deacon Nathan Williams reiterated that parishioners want only to “take the church back,” not to “hurt” McFarland.

McFarland is still listed as Shiloh’s pastor on the church’s official website.

Montgomery attorney Julian McPhillips informed WSFA he is working with church leadership to “finalize” a civil lawsuit, which they will file Tuesday. The suit will include a restraining order to presumably keep McFarland away from church grounds.