Steve Harvey launches website ‘to help women become more dateable’

theGRIO REPORT - Steve Harvey has helped ladies 'Think Like a Man,' and 'Act Like a Success,' now he's on a crusade 'to help women become more dateable.' The acclaimed talk show host has launched a dating website...

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Steve Harvey has helped ladies “Think Like a Man,” and “Act Like a Success;” now he’s on a crusade “to help women become more dateable.”

The acclaimed talk show host has launched a dating website,, a joint venture with IAC, the company that owns, OkCupid, Tinder and a slew of niche-oriented matchmaking services.

As Forbes reports, in addition to providing the animating philosophy, Harvey will supply articles and videos for subscribers hoping to “find love and keep it,” as the tagline has it.

For women, there will be advice columns on topics such as “how to become more dateable;” for men, instructional information on being the kind of man who knows how to treat a woman.

“Women are wired differently,” Harvey says. “The one thing I know about women is women don’t really want to just date,” he says. “They want to date with the hope that it leads to a relationship.”

Harvey believes that up until now internet dating has been ideal for men, who are typically interested in playing the field.

“A man doesn’t have any problem at all dating several or a wide variety of people until he finds the right one,” Harvey says. “A lot of women have that biological clock that ticks in them.”

Harvey says that his expertise in dating comes from his failed relationships.

Asked about the source of his wisdom, Harvey says, “The majority of mine came from failure, to be honest with you. I’ve come to learn in my life that failure’s a wonderful teacher. I’ve scooped a lot of the dog poop off the sidewalk so you wouldn’t have to step in it.”

Head over to to checkout Harvey’s new dating website.

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