Male strippers and Ebola – dancers quarantine themselves after flight with Amber Vinson

To have two male strippers quarantine themselves after sitting near Amber Vinson, the nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola, seems like a move in the right direction. It seemed like common sense to them - not so much to the CDC.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Male strippers and Ebola don’t belong together.

Fortunately, Axl Goode and Taylor Cole agree, which is why the two exotic dancers quarantined themselves after sitting near Amber Vinson, the nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola, on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas.

Goode and Cole were sitting just three feet from Vinson on the plane and, after a phone call with the CDC, decided to place themselves under 21 day voluntary quarantine. The two models were visiting Cleveland to attend their publisher Ellora Cave’s Romanticon convention.

In an AP interview conducted via Skype, Goode says that the epidemiologist contacted “him specifically because he was sitting within three feet of [Vinson].” He also indicates in the interview that despite the voluntary nature of his current quarantine, he expects it to soon become mandatory. Goode is currently staying within the confines of his residence, where he lives alone.

While neither man has reported any symptoms of the disease as of yet, the health organization told them to take their temperature twice a day and to keep a health journal monitoring any changes in their status.

Friends have started an online fundraising campaign to help the two pay bills while the quarantine leaves them unable to work.