ABC promised that last night’s installment of How to get Away With Murder would conclude with a Scandal-like reveal, with promos for the episode warning viewers that their “jaw will hit the floor with Viola Davis’ last nine words.”

Well, this morning I am still in the process of picking my jaw up off of the floor.

I took to Twitter last night to declare that “the last 2 minutes of How to Get Away With Murder, Season 1, episode 4, would win Davis an Emmy nomination,” and today I stand by my words.

How to Get Away With Murder is the most-watched scripted primetime series of this season, in large part due to Davis’ acting chops.

Davis left viewers speechless at the end of last night’s episode, when she removed her wig, took off her fake eyelashes, wiped her face clean of makeup, and asked her on-screen husband nine compelling words, “why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”

Social media immediately lit up upon the conclusion of How to Get Away With Murder, praising Davis for her bold move to go all-natural on-screen. And #9words began trending nationwide, which Davis tweeted out to her followers.

The follow-up to last night’s ending scene will play out on next week. Tune in for episode 5 of How to Get Away With Murder, Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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