Man accused of infecting niece with HIV may have infected others

theGRIO REPORT- How can the story of David Richard Wilson get worse? The 33-year-old Wilson stands accused of infecting his niece and another teen with HIV. Wilson allegedly told investigators he may have slept with others...

How can the story of  David Richard Wilson get worse?

The 33-year-old Wilson stands accused of sexually assaulting his 23-month-old niece and another teen. Wilson, who is HIV-positive, allegedly infected both the infant and the young girl with numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Additionally, the teen has told police she is pregnant with Wilson’s child.

To make matters even more disturbing, Wilson has reportedly told investigators he’s slept with “numerous other women,” according to a KTRK report.

Wilson previously served four years in prison following a conviction on “aggravated sexual assault on a child.” Upon his release, he was required to register as a sex offender each year.

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He discovered he was HIV-positive after investigators tested Wilson and others who were living in the house where the infant lived. Wilson was the only person to test positive for HIV. The baby had been living with “relatives” after living with her parents in another house the first seven months.

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The latest troubling allegations against Wilson were brought to light by a 14-year-old girl who told police she had been “having sex” with Wilson since she was 12. It’s only then that investigators were able to link the infant and the teen’s HIV status directly to Wilson.

KTRK’s Deborah Wrigley lays out Wilson’s charges:

He’s charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child, one of them a “super aggravated” charge because of the age of the youngest alleged victim.

Wilson has yet to tell investigators the exact number of other women he’s slept with.