Man allegedly kills 13-year-old neighbor because he laughed at him

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A Gary, Indiana, man allegedly shot his 13-year-old neighbor because the boy was laughing at him.

Kobe Jones was laughing at his neighbor, whose home was burglarized earlier that day, NBC Chicago reports.

The neighbor and his girlfriend returned home and discovered they had been robbed. After the neighbor became visibly upset, Jones allegedly laughed at the man.

“I was told that my son was laughing and the guy shot him dead,” Jones’ father, Kaunda Jones, told NBC Chicago’s Susan Carlson

The unnamed man allegedly shot the boy nine times before fleeing the area with his girlfriend.

“Your house is burglarized, and that gives you the right to kill someone?” Gary police Lt. Thomas Pawlak said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “I don’t think so.”

The person of interest is currently in police custody and has not been named because charges have yet to be filed.