Wendy Williams slams Tiny Harris’ eye color move, says it’s like ‘skin bleaching’

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Wendy Williams isn’t feeling Tiny Harris’ recent eye color change.

The talk show host said Monday the act itself is as bad as “people who bleach their skin.”

Williams emphasized that while she was a fan of Harris, who had recently appeared on the show, she had to “call it like I mean it here.”

Tiny Harris announced her recent eye color change to ice gray in a since-deleted Instagram post that read: “I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it!!”

Williams did mention that Harris deserves credit for coming straight out and being honest with fans, saying, “At least she was honest about it because the Internet was all the buzz. It makes me love her more that she was honest about this.”

The recent episode can be found on YouTube, with the Tiny Harris segment starting around the 11:20 mark.