Officers visit Mystikal’s house for sex offenders compliance check-up

theGRIO REPORT - Rapper Mystikal was in rare form when he answered the door in his Superman boxers during a routine sex offender compliance check...

If you’re a sex offender, the rules for Halloween night are simple: Don’t participate.

Candy is off limits. No costumes or decorations.

Nationwide, officers are visiting houses listed on sex offender registries and making their rules clear: No contact with children.

Yes, Mystikal — you too.

WBRZ-TV’s Rob Krieger stumbled upon the rapper’s house in Prairieville, Louisiana, while accompanying police on their routine “compliance checks.”

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Tyler, was convicted of sexual battery in 2004. Because of the conviction, he’s considered a “lifetime sex offender.”

The platinum-selling rapper served six years in prison for the incident, which involved his hairstylist at the time. He was open and candid when cameras entered his home.

“I don’t do the pity party thing,” Mysitkal said. “I have to participate in sex offender groups and stuff like that, it don’t stop your life man.”

Mystikal was once signed to Master P’s No Limit Records, which is now defunct. He said he relates to parents wanting to protect their kids because he’s a father himself.

“I have the same fears that most parents have,” he said. “Protect your kids, man. Protect your kids. Our kids are the most important thing that we have.”

Happy Halloween.