Lester Holt tosses it to reporter Mike Seidel who appears to be peeing live on-air

theGRIO REPORT - During Saturday's Nightly News broadcast, Lester Holt tossed it to Weather Channel meteorologist and field reporter Mike Seidel, who appeared to be peeing...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Don’t worry, Lester Holt — you handled it like a pro.

During Saturday’s Nightly News broadcast, Holt tossed it to Weather Channel meteorologist and field reporter Mike Seidel. Seidel was reporting from Sugar Mountain, North Carolina, which had been hit hard by snow over the weekend.

Seidel apparently wasn’t ready for the live hit and appeared to be relieving himself. Holt soon realized what was happening and reacted with brief shock.

But then he played it off well: “Well, obviously Mike not quite ready for us, so let’s turn to some other news we’re following on this Saturday night.”

A spokesman for the network told the New York Daily News Seidel “dropped his cell phone” and was attempting to “find it.”

Well, that settles it.

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Mike Seidel tweeted out a link to Nightly News anchor Brian Williams clearing up the rumors of what he was doing. So, no – he was not relieving himself.