Chris Brown rips Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon from 'The Real'

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Chris Brown exploded all over his Instagram on Monday after Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton discussed his relationship with Karrueche Tran on their talk show, The Real. 

During the conversation, which was meant to be about women who go back to bad relationships over and over again, the women brought up Chris Brown:

Tamera: “In college, I was dating this guy that nobody approved of. And there’s just something about you have to experience it for yourself. I appreciate it that my friends intervened, but I had to learn on my own.

Tamar: What if they keep cheating on you in public, though; you that blind?

Jeannie: I feel like for my personal friends it’s a worse situation because I can see that the guy’s not good for them but they don’t see it because love is blind. She’s not blind because it’s in front of all the tabloids and everybody sees that Chris Brown is a bad guy.

Bailon also noted that Tran’s friends may not be the right influence. “You don’t think that some of her friends also reap the benefits of her dating Chris Brown?” She then added, “You want to have real friends who tell you the truth.”

Brown went right for Bailon in his Instagram post: “Won’t us the same b***h that was f***ing wit married men?” He also added, “Last time u was important n****as was riding spinners and wearing 6x tall Ts.”

But his vitriol wasn’t all used up on Bailon. He then turned to Braxton and called her a “Muppet face ass” and said that “dat plastic surgery f***ed yo face up.”

Tran had a much more measured response after Brown deleted his post: “Unlike most of you… I could care less about the opinions of others… Drama doesn’t amuse me – so yes @tamarbraxton I do have a voice, just not like yours. However my bf I can’t speak for.. We all know he has no chill.”

She also added, “If you can dish it.. You gotta be able to take it. A lot of you mistaken my quietness for stupidity, and that’s fine because I don’t care what you think. Anyways- I’m not here for the drama. What do you gain from the names you call me?”