Tyler Perry claims ex-employee was stalking him, sues for $125k

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A male model and former employee of Tyler Perry has been charged with criminal trespassing for what the star alleges to be a stalking incident in a recent lawsuit. The 27-year-old man, Joshua Sole, was arrested for trespassing at Tyler Perry Studios on October 31.

When Sole was unable to get into contact with Perry, he allegedly disabled power to the studios, climbed in a window and then barricaded himself inside the administrative offices. Responding officers indicated that it took four hours to remove Sole from the offices and arrest him. He was brought to county jail.

An employee reportedly told police that Sole had “been acting weird.”

Perry, however, wants further punishment for Sole, who he claims in the lawsuit caused “discomfort and annoyance caused by the diminished value of peaceful enjoyment.” Perry is requesting $100,000 in damages and $25,000 to cover his attorney fees. The lawsuit goes on to mention that the sum is being requested because the former employee was “stubbornly litigious, or acted in bad faith, or caused the plaintiff unnecessary trouble and expense.”

There has been no information released as to what capacity Joshua Sole worked for Tyler Perry.

Perry is also requesting a 500 foot ban and that Sole receive psychological treatment and evaluation.

Perry most recently starred in the box-office topping murder mystery Gone Girl.