Backup singer Javon Lee sues Beyoncé over 'XO'

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Beyoncé is being sued by a backup singer who claims that famous pop star stole his melody to create the hit song “XO.”

27-year-old Javon Lee reportedly filed a suit claiming that the track infringes upon his copyright and wants $3 million in damages.

Lee’s track, titled “XOXO” was released in June 2013; Beyoncé’s “XO” came out in December 2013. In the legal filings, he writes that “I am seeking the earnings she has made from the copied record. Also live performances, etc. I would like money compensation of $3 million, or whichever is greater.”

Lee says that he shared the track with another backup singer, who then showed it to Beyoncé. The lawsuit states that he “worked with [Beyoncé’s] background singer Crissy Collins as a background singer for another artist” and “sent her the material” after it was released.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé’s songwriting practices have come under scrutiny; Drake’s ghostwriter Shi Wisdom said in an interview earlier this year that she didn’t “believe [the pop star has] written any of her records.”

The suit was filed in August, but Beyoncé’s legal team has yet to respond to the allegations.

The lawsuit has brought a surge of attention to Lee’s track, which is posted below:

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