Maryland music teacher Terry Eberhardt nominated for music education Grammy

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Terry Eberhardt, a Maryland music teacher, has been nominated for a Grammy in music education.

Students, teachers, and administrators at Marriotts Ridge High School believe that the teacher-turned administrator definitely deserved the honor.

“He’s so passionate about everything he does,” Marriotts sophomore Camila Ranta told WBAL-TV. “And being a freshman last year, it was really nice to know there’s someone who really cares about what they’re teaching us.”

Marriotts principal Adrianne Kaufman offered similar praise.

“He has the ability to connect with students who may not initially have an interest in music,” Kaufman said. “And he has this way of reeling them in, bringing them in to have appreciation for and perhaps participate in some musical programs within the school.”

Of the choir program that started it all, Eberhardt said, “I started with seven kids in the choir, and over the course of nine years, we grew the program to 165 kids. It’s been the absolute most amazing thing to have such a supportive group of students and talented parents and just a community that really believes in the arts.”

This year Eberhardt will leave the now-successful choir program to take up an administrative post, but his influence will not be forgotten.

Finalists will be announced in December. If Eberhardt wins, he will receive $10,000 and a trip to the Grammy Awards.