Man with 25 kids with 15 different women refuses to pay child support

A Memphis man who allegedly fathered at least 25 children is refusing to pay child support to the kids’ mothers, according to New York Daily News. Terry Turnage, who has kids with 15 separate women, continues to father children, despite a 2012 report by CBS News Memphis revealing his refusal to support his numerous kids. Despite having a reputation as a nightclub owner who impresses women with his cash and expensive cars, Turnage won’t pay child support.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

One mother said she’s received $1.26 from Turnage, another around $15. Although he has a flashy reputation, Turnage reportedly shows up to court hearings in ratty clothing to convince the judge that he is unable to financially support his children.

Turnage is now reportedly a father to at least 26 children, after Miesha Davis phoned the Forrest City child support office seeking help in supporting her young boy. She said the office “told me mine was 26 when I came.”

Turnage did not show up to an ordered court date, according to CBS Memphis.

Davis says she’s trying to warn other women about Turnage’s womanizing tendencies, but “they don’t listen. They don’t listen at all.”

Since court records involving children are rarely made public, it isn’t possible to find out the number of children the club owner currently has. Despite not being supported by Turnage, two of the mothers showed up at his recent birthday party.

Davis said she came to the event to “have fun. Just to have a good time,” while another mom, 22-year-old Paula Stewart, said, “It wasn’t nothing. It wasn’t to see him.”

Turnage has not issued a comment on the allegations, according to the New York Daily News.