A Philadelphia woman has been awarded $45 million after taking the trio who kidnapped and tortured her to court, but she probably will not see any of that money.

Tamara Breeden testified on Wednesday that Linda Ann Weston and two accomplices held her and three other mentally disabled victims in a “dungeon” subbasement of a Tacony apartment. There, Breeden was beaten, starved, and forced to drink her own urine for more than 10 years. Weston would collect the government disability benefits for her victims.

Breeden’s attorney, Steve Wigizer, told reporters that Weston and her partners, Gregory Thomas and Eddie Wright, did not respond to the lawsuit. The $45 million was a default judgment, though Wigizer doesn’t believe Weston and her partners will pay.

“It is unlikely that this verdict is going to be paid. We knew that going into it, but we thought it was really important to make a statement,” Wigrizer said.

Weston and her accomplices are still in jail and will see criminal trials next year.