Former actress Angela Leslie details her accusation of sexual assault by Bill Cosby (NY Daily News)

Actress Angela Leslie is now the 8th woman to come forward with accusations against Bill Cosby through an exclusive interview with NY Daily News. Leslie’s tale begins around 1990, when she was hoping for a part in his movie “Ghost Dad.” She sent him a letter and photograph of herself in 1992, and that’s when Cosby invited her to his luxury suite in Las Vegas. You can watch the full interview here.

After Leslie checked into her own room at the hotel, she says, Cosby called her over and asked her to audition for him. “If you want to act, show me what you’ve got. Pretend you’re intoxicated,” he said.

Cosby then handed her a drink as part of the drunk “act.” “I couldn’t drink it,” Leslie said. “I tasted it and put it down. Then he asked me to go into the bathroom and wet my hair…. I walked back out, and he had removed his clothing and gotten into bed.”

Leslie says the comedian rubbed against her and then poured lotion into her hand and, guiding her hand with his, forced her to fondle him. Leslie was too shocked to pull away.

Cosby then sent her away, and Leslie believes the drink was drugged and that she narrowly escaped the kind of experience other women, including Barbara Bowman, have related. “I didn’t drink the alcohol, and maybe since I didn’t pass out, he decided to get rid of me,” she said.

Leslie recounted another almost-encounter, which took place prior to the Las Vegas incident, in which Cosby sent her money for $700 and $800 to travel to California, but she got sick and had to return the tickets.

Leslie decided to come forward because of the experiences related by other women and the frustration left in the wake of Cosby’s continued silence on the matter. She says she just wants America to understand the truth about Cosby. “The main thing I want is for people to know him for who he really is…. He’s not this dad of America.”