Faizon Love supports Bill Cosby, calls Hannibal Buress a house N***a

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Don’t worry, Bill Cosby; Faizon Love has your back.

Cosby, who lately seems to be accused of sexual assault on a daily basis, got some unlikely support from the 46-year-old Love — whom many remember as “Big Worm” from Friday.

Love lit up his Twitter account Saturday, chastising those who would rather believe the women accusing Cosby of sexual assault than Cosby himself.

Thursday, Love showed his support for Cosby on Instagram:

Love is also not a fan of fellow comedian Hannibal Buress’ decision to include Cosby’s rape allegations as part of his stand-up routine. Last month in Philadelphia, Buress discussed Cosby’s past in great detail on stage.

The bit drew laughs in the crowd and later would indirectly reignite public outrage over what many feel is Cosby’s dirty little secret.

Again, Love is not a fan:

Cosby performed in Florida Friday night and has yet to publicly address the mounting allegations against him. He’s chosen to issue denials through his lawyer or simply not answer questions about the issue during interviews, most recently with the Associated Press, NPR and Philly.com.