Marissa Alexander Plea Deal
Marissa Alexander (Image via WJXT-TV)

In January of next year, Marissa Alexander will be a free woman.

Monday, Alexander reportedly reached a plea deal, which means she no longer faces the threat of a second trial nor the possibility of serving a 60-year-sentence if convicted of three counts of aggravated assault.

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Under the terms of the plea deal, Alexander agreed to plead guilty to the three charges against her and serve three years in prison. Except “three years” will actually only be 65 days.  Florida Times-Union reporter Larry Hannan has the details:

Alexander has already served 1,030 days in jail for firing what she described as a “warning shot” against her husband Rico Gray back in 2010. Alexander claimed Gray was acting abusive towards her, necessitating the fired shot.

Alexander was sentenced to 20 years following her initial conviction in 2012:

The 20 year sentence was a mandatory minimum under Florida’s “10-20-Life law,” which mandates sentences for crimes involving a firearm. Alexander was convicted of three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

Timeline of the Marissa Alexander case

Alexander’s case has drawn national attention and a closer look at how Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law is applied.

First Coast News’ Anne Schindler reports Alexander will have to remain under “community control, or house arrest, with a monitor,” following her Jan. 27 release.

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