Andre Pugh aka "DJ Awesome," Adrian Harley

Atlanta, GA — A popular disc jockey out of Atlanta was arrested this past weekend for allegedly hiring his best friend to kill his wife. Andre Pugh, aka “DJ Awesome,” is accused of arranging for his wife, Tiffany Pugh, a Delta Airlines employee, to be shot to death in her home.

Police told WGCL that on Nov. 23rd, Tiffany was found with two fatal gunshot wounds. They believe that her husband hired his buddy Adrian Harley to commit the murder.

The DJ first told police he came home and found an opened garage door and a broken window. He then said he called out to his wife and she did not respond. According to the incident report filed by police, law enforcement arrived at the scene to find Andre in the middle of the street screaming, “My kids are in there! She’s not picking up the phone.”

CBS46 News

The report says that police then went inside the home to find two children asleep. A third child was on top of an already dead Tiffany Pugh. The chilling discovery is described this way in the report:

“The door to the bedroom was closed initially. Upon opening the door I observed a female laying on her back partially covered up by a blanket in the bed. I also observed a small child straddling the woman’s chest.”

Two weeks later, Pugh was arrested at his job, Club Onyx. His friend, who police believe was hired to kill his wife, was a pallbearer in her funeral.

One of Tiffany’s friends told WGCL,”If he did it, I really hope he rots in Hell… If he did it.”

She described her friend as a loving mother of a 2-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. As if things weren’t tough enough for these children, their maternal grandmother died six months ago, which means they won’t be raised by their mother or grandmother.

Andre Pugh’s hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, and Harley’s is for Dec. 22.