Website lets voters decide if you're 'light-skin or 'dark-skin'

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There’s a new website that is bound to stir up some controversy. is a two weeks old site that allows users to vote on your photo to determine if you’re “light-skin” or “dark-skin.”

The website was created by Harlem resident Nate Hill. It allows users to submit photos and displays the number and percentage of visitors that chose to classify the person in the photo as “light-skin” or “dark-skin.”

Hill says he understand his website will be offensive to some visitors, but his intention is to “try to just create a playground or sandbox where people can see themselves and promote conversation around colorism.”

Thus far. the site has received over 20,000 votes from visitors, but low photo submission rates prompted Hill to pull random photos of black people from Instagram.

Hill, 37, says he used to be obsessed with rap music and black rappers mentioning white girls, which inspired him to create a list of black men who are infatuated with white women.

“My wife and I just had a kid. We’re both mixed,” said Hill. “After the birth of our son, which was a blessing, I realized I had internalized colorism and was embarrassed to realize that.”

Hill says he’s in the process of adding comments under each picture so there will be more interaction and discussion among users.

The website is just a hobby for Hill.  He works at a biology lab and takes care of fruit flies used in scientific studies.

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