Former soldier blames Iraq-related stress after killing rapper

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Devin Bonilla, a former Louisiana Army National Guardsman, has raised the insanity defense in his killing of local rapper Bowie Richard. He claims the shooting was linked to a mental disorder brought on by Iraq-related stress.

On the day of his death, Richard, who went by Yung Kaptin, got in an argument with a stranger inside The Edge Sports Bar & Daiquiris, reports The Times-Picayune.  Later, Bonilla came outside, where Richard was talking with someone, grabbed a gun from his car and shot Richard once in the head.

Bonilla’s attorney, John Craft, says Bonilla cannot be held responsible for his actions because he was insane at the time, citing post-traumatic stress from his time in Iraq.

During his time in Iraq, Bonilla worked in supply distribution and not active combat. However, he was driving a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle when it hit a roadside bomb.

Judge Ellen Kovach has ordered doctors to determine Bonilla’s mental competency and to examine his claims of insanity. If doctors find Bonilla insane, he could be committed to a state mental hospital for life. If he is found not to have been insane at the time and found guilty, he could spend his life in jail instead.