Trio accused of using Facebook to lure girls as young as 12 to sex parties

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

In a disturbing case in Brooklyn, a couple and a single woman are allegedly used Facebook to recruit young girls as young as 12 to pole dance and service adult men at sex parties.

The girls, from age 12 to 15, would submit their photos to Shandale Franklin, and her husband, Bryan Adams would review the photos. Their friend, Tatiana Daniel, would recruit girls.

Adams would judge the pictures and “judged whether the girls were ‘too big’ for the child sex party,” according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Robotti.

Each of the girls was promised earnings of around $800 per night and told that the men in attendance would be “lawyers, doctors, teachers, whatever.” Daniel, who did the recruiting, would tell the girls, “Just wear something cute, like nice panties and bras…. Drinks, weed and food will be provided.”

In speaking with a male customer, Franklin described the parties the girls attended as “anything goes type of party but they better got cash.”

The parties took place during the day, so the trio asked the girls to skip school to participate.

All three are being held without bail and face at least 15 years in prison if they are convicted on sex trafficking charges.