16-year-old girl forced into prostitution by seven men

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Miami, FL — Seven men are accused of forcing a 16-year-old girl into prostitution and having sex with more than 16 men in just one week.

The girl was reported missing on December 4th after she was picked up outside of her school in a black Ford Taurus containing three people. According to authorities, the men told her that she had to make over $1,200.

She was forced to work as a sex slave throughout Miami-Dade County and on two different occasions made to have sex with up to eight men at a time. Authorities say she was given cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and molly while performing anal, oral, and vaginal sex.

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“Every time you think you have seen the worst of the worst, a case like this pops up,” State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle told NBC Miami. “It’s nauseating. It’s horrifying and unspeakable. How human beings could be so barbaric to each other is a mystery to me.”

Cornelius Edwards, Mark Evans, Jerome Grace, Greg Hill, Derrick Powell, Derrick Powell Jr. and Branden Sands were arrested on December 12 and face charges of sexual battery. The suspects range in ages 18 to 43, and two of them are father and son.