Boy has epic tantrum, trashes Dollar Store

A boy’s tantrum quickly turned into extreme vandalism in a YouTube video that is going viral.

On December 9, officers responded to reports that a “black male juvenile” was “destroying” a Dollar General store in Tallahassee, Florida. By the time they arrived, the boy had already been contained, but the evidence of his rage littered the floor.

Apparently, the boy (who did not seem to have an adult with him) ran around pushing over displays and knocking down merchandise before a young man pulled him out of the store. The young man held the little vandal until police came.

A video posted to Facebook yesterday shows the tantrum in full swing as the video taker follows along with profanity-laced narration referring to the young kid as a ‘jit.” According to one of the definitions provided by the urban dictionary, the word is an acronym for “juvenile in training.”

As the man recorded, he could be heard saying things like, ““He need his ass whooped.” The boy threw things at him and continued raging on. At one point the boy threatened to hit the man with an umbrella but thought otherwise as the man said, “If you hit me with that you’ll lose your life.”

Watch the insane video above.