Ray J calls police over fears of girlfriend: I think she might kill me

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TMZ has obtained a full audio recording of Ray J’s 911 call describing his fears that his girlfriend might kill him and then herself in a murder-suicide plot.

Princess Love, Ray J’s partner, had already threatened suicide over Ray J’s picture with model Karrueche Tran, but a recent incident in which rapper Earl Hayes killed himself and his wife apparently had Ray J on edge.

“She’s threatening to kill herself because I wanted to end the relationship… I went back to try and find the gun, but she won’t show it to me. I don’t want to be in the house because Earl just killed his girlfriend, I’m thinking she might kill me,” he said.

According to TMZ, the threats were made the day after Ray J ended the relationship. “She was incessantly texting him after he left for work today, and when she didn’t hear what she wanted from him she threatened suicide,” the website reports.

Ray J “knew there was a gun in the house,” and that’s what made him take the desperate threats seriously.

Since the 911 call, Ray J has spoken with Princess Love and sorted things out and reports that “she will not go through with her threat.”