A controversial image of teenage girls dressed in white tee shirts and white cone hats has a North Carolina community up in arms.

The picture, in which the girls posed with fingers in a gun poses, was posted to Instagram shortly after the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

Concerned parents and community members gathered in an auditorium for the Nash Rocky Mount School System on Monday to express their desire for discipline.

“The incident of the young women posing as KKK members was a threat to our children and community,” said Rocky Mount parent Monica Gilmore.

Many parents want the girls punished, despite the fact that the school board says the picture was taken after hours and off campus. The board refused to say if it had disciplined the girls, citing privacy concerns.

“You’ve got to trust us to know that we’ll work with these wonderful people on the board to do what is right for the children of this school system,” said board member Wayne Doll.

“In my opinion, I saw no laws that were violated,” Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone said. The sheriff investigated and questioned the girls, and the school board also conducted an investigation.