Kevin Gates Sex Cousin
Kevin Gates (Photo/Instagram)

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates says a lot of things on his Instagram page.

But none of his 1.3 million followers were expecting his announcement from earlier this week: Gates is sleeping with his cousin.

Gates revealed the news in an Instagram video, telling his followers he had been sleeping with this woman for 3 months and recently found out he was related to her.

Gates was made aware of the pair’s family ties from his grandmother.

“I’m not about to stop,” Gates insisted.

A flood of comments questioning Gates’ situation started immediately. But Gates stood his ground, saying the people criticizing him would do the same thing if in his position.

He also said he didn’t “grow up” with the cousin, so he didn’t have any concerns.

“Why f*** up a good thing?” Gates asked his followers.

You can watch the NSFW Instagram posts here and here.