The latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice served viewers with vicious trash-talking and a shocking round of firings.

Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore’s rivalry boiled over this week as the pressure mounted following another challenge loss, this time with a photobombing campaign.

Moore took to Twitter to blame Fox’s “wild ups and downs emotionally” on  Fox’s tweet about “going through menopause.”

“That’s a dirty a**ed b**** right there,” Fox said. “This child has toxic tendencies.”

Watch Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox go at it below:

She also insisted that she had lost her phone (a loss that had been caught on tape) and never wrote the tweet in question, calling Moore a “toxic trick.”

“This is not the ghetto. Please don’t take it there, this is a professional environment,” Moore then responded.

“You’re there, honey,” Fox said. “That’s the only place you can be prevalent in.”

Donald Trump then asked Moore if she sent the tweet out after earlier asking why she was “nasty to everyone.” “I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before. We’ve really reached a new low,” he said.

Moore was fired because she was the project manager of the unsuccessful team, though hers was not the only firing of the night.