Mother Photo Newborn Baby

North Carolina photographer Faith Massey documents children from the time their parents are expecting through their birth and even after.

But some of the most touching photographs she takes are those in which the baby only has minutes or hours left to live through a group called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

April McLean and Marcus Reid knew their baby, Amari, was very sick. They asked Massey to photograph their newborn son because they didn’t know how long he would survive.

Watch April McLean’s story below:

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“He was beautiful,” Massey said of baby Amari. “He had a ton of hair. He had beautiful tiny feet.”

Unfortunately, Massey no longer has the pictures to give to the family. Her camera bag was stolen out of her car in her own driveway.

“I don’t think they knew what was on the card, obviously. Probably just looking for quick money,” she said of the theft.

“The only picture with me holding my baby is in that camera,” said McLean.

The family and photographer are asking anyone with information to e-mail Massey at: