Photo of Kanye kissing himself goes viral

There’s no easier way to make sure something goes viral than to claiming a celebrity wants it to stay quiet.

At least, that’s what one Reddit user thought when a Photoshop whiz swapped the faces of an infamous picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West kissing. The new image? Kanye kissing Kanye.

And with the caption “Kanye wants this photo removed from the Internet,” the post was an instant hit. After all, as one Reddit user noted, “Saying “X person wants this removed from the internet” is just the new way of begging for upvotes.”

The image itself is either a good Photoshop job meant in good fun or a smart commentary on the hip-hop star’s narcissism. Either way, “Kanye kissing himself” is already a Google search term.

So while this story follows the social media trend of bashing reality stars or looking up ugly pictures of them, what makes it interesting is the way it gained traction. After all, there’s no easier way to galvanize the Internet than to suggest a star wants something done.

There is no word on whether Mr. West has ever seen the photo or whether he thinks it’s funny or not.