Mississippi judge indicted for racist attack on mentally disabled man

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A Mississippi county judge Bill Weisenberger, who stepped down from his position in June, was indicted this week by a Mississippi grand jury for felony assault on a vulnerable adult after he allegedly struck a disabled man and yelled “Run, N****r, run,” at him.

Multiple witnesses attested to seeing the judge strike 20-year-old Eric Rivers and yell racial slurs at him. Rivers also says that Weisenberger “made negative comments to his mother.”

The Clarion-Ledger also reported that: “Weisenberger also had a lawsuit filed against both him and the county in November.

The attorney for Charles Plumpp said Weisenberger arrested and jailed her client, who is African-American, on the nonexistence charge of ‘roaming livestock.'”

The judge is currently running for reelection.