Man caught in road rage incident apologizes for spitting on woman's vehicle

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After video of his road rage went viral, and after speaking with local police, a Texas man has come forward to apologize.

Rashaad Ben was caught on video spitting on the windshield of Julie Nowlin as she drove with her 4-year-old down Austin streets. She says he pulled over and got out of his vehicle three separate times.

He also shouted “Black Power” and called Nowlin a “white b**ch.”

“I came here to apologize to my family and Mrs. Nowlin and to the community for acting the way I did and for my obscene language and obscene behavior,” Ben said Thursday.

Watch how the road rage incident unfolded below:

Ben said that seeing the video made him realize how damaging his behavior actually was. He said he has learned a lesson from the viral video.

“To not let your anger get the best of you because it could get you in trouble or it could have someone hurt,” he said. “And to just let things go. It’s not that serious.”

Since the video came out, other people have reported run-ins with Ben, which police have confirmed.