Jay Z reportedly facing paternity suit claiming 21-year-old is his child

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Rymir Satterthwait, is 21-year-old aspiring rapper who reportedly in legal documents says that Jay-Z is his father.

The National Enquirer say they have obtained court documents that shows Satterthwaite’s claim that his mother, Wanda, had an affair with the famous rapper back in the 1990s and that Jay Z lied to the court in order to avoid taking a paternity test.

Satterthwaite filed the suit via his legal guardian, a paralegal named Lillie Coley, last year. Coley claims that Jay Z and lawyer Lise Fisher gave “fraudulent” and “false” information to the courts that let to the case being dismissed.

This is not the first time Jay Z has been hit with paternity claims. In 2011, he denied allegations that he had fathered a child with model Shenelle Scott. He had been linked to the model by the man who had been wrongly identified as the father, though representatives for Jay Z said there was “no truth to these ridiculous rumours” at the time.

In the case of Satterthwaite, representatives for Jay Z have not yet issued any comment.

The suit was filed in December of 2014, only a few months after the infamous elevator fight with Solange Knowles that led to some speculation about the state of the Carter family.