Vandals spray paint N-word on Lincoln University sign

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Philadelphia police officers were patrolling around early morning Thursday when they found the N-word spray painted in orange and red on the entrance sign to Lincoln University.

The racial graffiti was immediately removed.

“I have asked Public Safety to use every effort to identify the perpetrators and to put measures in place to minimize the opportunities for such displays of ignorance and hatred,” said acting President Valerie Harrison in a statement.

She went on to say:

This incident is a sober reminder that our forebearers persevered in the face of hatred and intimidation, yet achieved and maintained standards of excellence for which Lincoln University has become known. Let’s not allow the cowardly acts of others distract us from our commitment to maintaining this legacy or cause us to act in a manner that is inconsistent with our greatness.

Both the alumni and the student government organizations have spoken out about the incident, saying that they will not allow racist graffiti to discourage them or stand in their way.

There are not yet any suspects in the case.