4-year-old shoots himself just 2 days and a few miles from 3-year-old who did the same

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4-year-old Codrick Beal was staying overnight with a family friend while his mother, Ashley Beal, was out celebrating her birthday. At his babysitter’s house, he found a gun and accidentally shot and killed himself.

“It’s just a terrible accident,” said cousin Leticia Beal. “We see it all the time on the news but you never think it’ll hit home. It’s the most horrible thing.”

No charges have been filed, and the name of the babysitter has not been released. Police have not released information on the type of gun or the owner.

The babysitter collapsed outside her home after the incident and was overcome with grief, convulsing as she sobbed.

The shooting comes just two days after a 3-year-old found a gun in his mother’s purse and also shot and killed himself.