Racial Slurs Texas A&M Student
A Texas A&M Corpus Christi student made a disturbing discovery when she returned from spring break. (Image via KRIS-TV video)

A black college student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi returned home from spring break to a slew of racial slurs written all over her apartment.

The female student, according to KRIS-TV, has been “relocated” to nearby apartment complex while officials investigate.

The student found racist phrases like “White Power. Where [sic] coming for you,” and “Die (N-word),” throughout the apartment.  Another phrase asked, “Where is your protector? White Power.”

Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson called a news conference Monday to discuss the situation. Simpson said he wanted to make the incident public to make sure residents and students understand it should be taken seriously.

“I think the community ought to be hurt by this,” Simpson said. “I think that we all ought to take it very seriously.”

Watch a full report on the racial slurs at Texas A&M below:

Shay Weaver, an African American student at TAMUCC, said, “I’m actually shocked. I’m very surprised. We don’t really have a race problem at this school, so I’m really surprised, and I don’t think it was somebody from this school who did it.”

The student whose apartment was graffitied has been moved to a different location. In the meantime, the police are looking for those responsible. They will likely be charged with burglary, criminal mischief and terroristic threats.

“Quite frankly, we think we have a bead on some people who may be involved in this. The best thing they can do is come forward, and have a discussion about this, and let us bring this to a logical conclusion,” said Chief Simposon.