Texas man owes $21K in child support for kid that DNA proves isn't his

A Houston man has fought a court decision for over a decade that requires him to pay child support for a child that DNA proves is not is.

Thirteen years ago, Willie Carson’s ex-girlfriend put his name on the record as the father of her child. Despite the fact that DNA tests later proved that Carson could not possibly be the father, he was still on record as being responsible for child support.

“I’ve never seen the child,” Carson told MyFoxHouston. “I never spoke to the child. I don’t know what the child looks like.”

Watch a full report on Willie Carson’s court battle below:

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Carson has struggled to pay the child support while he fought for years to stop the child support collection. “There were days that I didn’t eat. I went without electricity,” he said.

But now, he can see the “light at the end of the tunnel.” Recently, he received a letter that said he no longer had to pay child support and that his 401K funds were unfrozen; the letter came shortly after the child’s mother wrote a letter to the court saying he was not the father and should not have to pay child support.

However, he still has to pay the back money owed, to the tune of $21,000.

Carson is hoping to see the end of this legal battle soon, but he will be returning to court Monday.

“Yes I’m hoping for it but the judge has the last say so,” he said.