'Cosmopolitan' magazine blasted for implying that brown-skin beauty is out

Cosmopolitan magazine is taking some major heat today after publishing a beauty guide that glorifies white beauty and dismisses brown-skinned women.

The fashion magazine attempted to identify what’s out and what’s in – when it comes to beauty – by publishing side-by-side pictures of celebrities and models.

Cosmopolitan originally ran the beauty guide in January, but today, the feature, entitled 21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015, is getting some unwanted attention on social media.

The problem is all the women of color on the list were considered ‘outs’ (except for a very fair-skin Nicole Ritchie), and the rest of ‘ins’ were all white women.

Folks on Twitter blasted the magazine for being racist, and some are calling for readers to boycott the publication.




Cosmo has yet to address the public outcry regarding their beauty guide.